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Time to Welcome the NEW UltimateSpongeBob101! Huge Updates to be released YEAR-Round!

Hey guys! The last time we were here was at the end of January and now we’re nearing the end of February! TIme passes so fast doncha’ think? Today, we’re glad to be announcing that our HUGE Updates that we were telling you guys about last year will now begin on March 1st! Every month, we will have a new theme related to SpongeBob network wide! Yes! That means that every single part of our Network will be featuring the same theme as each other! THis is just one step towards the future and so, do Stay Tuned for more as we continue to dish up more awesome goodies to spread the Joy of SpongeBob! 


Here are some info on our Updates Scheduled for March:

-Network-wide Trading Cards Theme

-SpongeBob Trading Card-Related Videos, Blog Posts, Giveaways, and MORE!

-New Video Type : Flash Game Reviews


Sneak Peek at April:

-One Word: “Spring”!


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