What’s Comin’ at You This May!

Hey guys! We’re once again back with an early release of stuff that we’re putting on to our Networks! This May, we may be busy, but we’re bringing you all-new content you’ve been waiting for! That’s right! It’s time to reveal what we have in store for all of you!

  • Network-Wide “Get Ready” Theme! Featuring Content with preparation for June, all-new video series, Daily FaceBook/Twitter Updates, and More!!
  • New “SpongeBob Toys Reviews” Videos on YouTube
  • Sneak Peeks of our USA Trip and what’s to come in June!

That’s all for now, but do continue to Stay Tuned for more Awesome Stuff coming up soon!

Sneak Peek for June: There are too many Awesome things! We’ve revealed too much in this post already!


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It’s time to Welcome UlitmateSpongeBob101 Networks Singapore!

Hey guys! It’s been quite a long time since we updated our Networks and it’s time to unveil something NEW! It’s time to Welcome…(Drumroll Please!) UltimateSpongeBob101 Networks Singapore! Yes, it’s our new SIngapore division/subsidiary where we will be having total different things compared to our International Networks! What’s up for our NEW Division? There’s so much that we have to split it into another Paragraph! However, we’re gonna make things easier and sum it up for you guys!

Coming Up on USB101 Networks Singapore:

-YouTube: Duel Masters Channel (Collaboration), Comedy Channel (TBA) (Collaboration)

-Websites: USB101 Singapore Website

-FaceBook: Duel Masters Facebook Page

There’s plenty more to come! We’ll be unveiling even more New Stuff Next Friday! Stay Tuned and Stay Happy!



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Spring has Sprung here on UltimateSpongeBob101!

Hey everyone! It’s time to unveil our April Updates! You’ve waited a whole month for this and now it’s finally here! As part of our BIG Changes, we are once again bringing All-New Content to you, starting this month, almost EVERYDAY!! Yes! We said almost EVERYDAY!! Of course, it’ll be great content! Currently, we are increasing our Video Cap per week to 3 instead of the usual 2. We hope to conduct the process progressively so as to continue to provide entertaining content on a regular basis to all of you!

Here are the Updates you’ll find across the Networks this Month!:

-Network-Wide Spring Theme
-SpongeBob Collectibles-Related Videos, Blog Posts, and MORE!!
-New Video Type: SpongeBob Updates!

Sneak Peek at May:

-One Word: “Partae!!”

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April’s gonna Spring tomorrow!

Hello Everyone! April is just around the corner and we’re gonna let you guys know what’s coming to ya! The Information will be released exclusively to the Blog first followed by our YouTube Channel on April 2nd! Get ready! P.S.April Fools is tomorrow! No tricks please!

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Time to Welcome the NEW UltimateSpongeBob101! Huge Updates to be released YEAR-Round!

Hey guys! The last time we were here was at the end of January and now we’re nearing the end of February! TIme passes so fast doncha’ think? Today, we’re glad to be announcing that our HUGE Updates that we were telling you guys about last year will now begin on March 1st! Every month, we will have a new theme related to SpongeBob network wide! Yes! That means that every single part of our Network will be featuring the same theme as each other! THis is just one step towards the future and so, do Stay Tuned for more as we continue to dish up more awesome goodies to spread the Joy of SpongeBob! 


Here are some info on our Updates Scheduled for March:

-Network-wide Trading Cards Theme

-SpongeBob Trading Card-Related Videos, Blog Posts, Giveaways, and MORE!

-New Video Type : Flash Game Reviews


Sneak Peek at April:

-One Word: “Spring”!


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It’s gonna be February but still, have a Spongy New Year!

Hey everyone! We know it’s been a long while since our last post but from now on, we’ll try to update the blog as frequently as possible! Isn’t that great? Do Stay Tuned for many more updates coming in next month and Happy End of January!

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It’s December! Time for some Snow and FUN! Or was it Fum?

Hey Everyone! We’re back again after another long break and we just wanted to let you know that there are plenty more new videos on the SpongeBob Channel now! Do check out our 2nd Anniversary Celebrations, as well as, our Australia Trip 2012 Memories now! Also, Stay Tuned for many more Awesome Stuff coming Soon! -UltimateSpongeBob101

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September Updates!

Hey ya’ll… again! Just wanted to give you guys an update on our progress throughout the Web!

We’ll start off with the YouTube Channel. New Videos including Comics Review #12 and UK Annual 2013 Review has been uploaded! Also, check out the channel for much more that we have not stated here!

Now, ending this post, our Website, has been updated quite a bit in the Mighty Beanz Section and the Pokemon TCG Section. We will be updating it with Trash Pack Info very soon with the SpongeBobiness coming in after that! Hope you guys are excited as much as I am! Check out our Links below!

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/ultimatespongebob101

Website: ultimatespongebob101.weebly.com

Thanks for reading!

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New Videos on YouTube… Once Again!

Hey guys! I’m back to let ya’ll know that I have uploaded a few more videos to the SpongeBob Channel. If you like, you can go check it out at the link I have provided below!

Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/ultimatespongebob101

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What’s that? It’s… The HappySquared Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let ya’ll know that our first ever HappySquared Giveaway is now live on our Youtube Channel! Just subscribe, and comment on the video and enter to win awesome prizes! Contest Ends 7/14 at 11.59.59 PM EST.

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

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